Saturday, 26 November 2011

F1 programmes on Sky Sports

Sky Sports have announced that they will be launching a channel dedicated to Formula 1 in 2012. This means fans can look forward to widespread coverage over race weekends but what about the days when there is no on track action? How will Sky fill their schedule? Here's some suggestions for them...

06:00-10:00 Good Morning F1 fans!

All the latest news and information on Formula One. Presented by Steve Rider and Holly Samos.

10:00-11:00 My Top 10

Sebastian Vettel discusses his 10 favourite pole position laps

11:00-12:00 Loose Reporters

Round table discussion between 4 of F1's leading journalists

12:00-14:00 The Formula One Show

Chat, features and guests. Presented by Jonathan Legard and Natalie Pinkham

14:00-16:00 From the archive

Full re-run of the 2nd free practice session from the 2006 Japanese Grand Prix

16:00-17:00 Pointless

4 more former drivers who failed to score a point in F1 have a go at the general knowledge quiz show

17:00-18:00 Lewis Hamilton News at Five

A full update on all that has occurred in Lewis Hamilton's life today

18:00-20:00 F1 does Strictly Come Dancing

9 couples battle to avoid elimination. Can Ron Dennis continue his stint at the top of the leader board?

20:00-22:00 The HRT Factor

The remaining 5 hopefuls battle for a seat at HRT next season. This weeks challenge: How much sponsorship can you raise in a week

22:00-00:00 Metal Night with Paul Di Resta

Force India driver Paul Di Resta shares some of his favourite metal songs of all time

00:00-06:00 Through the night

Former driver and commentator Jonathan Palmer takes us through the night to help all fans get to sleep


  1. Oh please not Holly Samos! She puts people to sleep with her monotonous and dreary voice!

  2. Don't forgot 'Pointless' is done by the Beeb.

  3. I know, just couldn't think of anything else!