Wednesday, 17 August 2011

F1 2011 trophies/achievements

After the success of their F1 2010 game, Codemasters are preparing to launch their 2nd instalment in the F1 series. F1 2011 is just over a month away from release and hype is building as gamers get excited over the prospect of taking on the new Indian circuit, dealing with KERS and DRS as well as thinking on their feet if the safety car is deployed. I'm looking at the trophy/achievement list for this post though and dreaming up some targets which would tie in with the real goings on in F1...

Unbelievable guys! - Win the world championship at the final race having never previously led the standings

Fernando is faster than you - Let Fernando Alonso overtake you during the race to take the victory

Career highlights - Declare every race victory of your career the best ever in the post race press conference

Crash, Bang, Chandhok! - Wreck out in the opening session of the season

Is it cause i'm black? - Accuse the stewards of racism in the post race interviews

Hit me baby one more time - Win with Nico Rosberg whilst playing a Britney Spears song in the music menu

Trulli whine - Race as Jarno Trulli with Force feedback turned off

Cool runnings - Take pole position then run out of fuel on the in-lap and push the car back to Parc Ferme

That's what i'm talking about! - Take pole position at every Grand Prix

Fittipaldi flip - Finish a race in mid air

Iceman double - Win the world championship and score rally points on Dirt 3

Not bad for a number 2 driver - Win after your team mate got the latest car upgrades

Never heard you mate - Ignore team orders

Beautiful - Get approval from Rob Smedley for an overtake

Piquet corner - Crash a Renault at Turn 17 in Singapore

Should have went to Specsavers - Pull up at the wrong garage for a pitstop

If you have any other suggestions feel free to drop them in a comment


  1. This is Ridiculous - Be stuck behind your team mate and unable to overtake.

  2. Ah yes that's a cracker - Would expect nothing less from the master of F1 humour :)

  3. Contract Renewed! - Crash after your team mate pits early to allow him to win

  4. Staying Cool - Get a white visor delivered to you without becoming anxious or worried over the radio

  5. Haha great stuff guys! Staying Cool made me laugh Damon :)

  6. Bonus Ninja- Jumping out the car like a ninja, when said car is on fire.

  7. Haha very in line with recent events Tiff :)

  8. your all rubbish - cause multiple avoidable accidents then blame it on the other drivers