Wednesday, 10 November 2010

A quiz on the 2010 season

As the 2010 season draws to a conclusion this weekend, why not have a go at these questions and see how much you can remember about what has been a thrilling year of Formula 1...

1. Who was the first driver to take to the track in Bahrain FP1?

2. Who's smoke screen contributed to a collison between Kubica and Sutil in Bahrain?

3. Who was the driver steward in Bahrain?

4. Where did Lewis Hamilton qualify in Australia?

5. Who failed to make the start in Malaysia?

6. Which driver had a personal best result in Malaysia?

7. What was achieved in the Chinese Grand Prix for the first time in over 40 years?

8. Who led the drivers championship after the Spanish Grand Prix?

9. Who was outqualified in Monaco for the first time in their career by a team mate?

10. How many times was the safety car deployed in the Monaco Grand Prix?

11. Who set the fastest lap in the Turkish Grand Prix?

12. Who was a victim of the 'Wall of champions' in Montreal during the race, suffering retirement soon after hitting it?

13. Who jumped the start and caused an avoidable collision, all before reaching turn 1, in Canada?

14. Who's wing mirror caused a practice red flag in Valencia?

15. Who was overtaken in the last corner in the last lap in Valencia?

16. How many drivers were given notice during the race in Valencia of post race investigation into speed under the safety car?

17. Who made their first appearance of the season at Silverstone?

18. 5 Germans finished in the top 10 in Great Britain, how many points did they score between them in that race?

19. How much were Ferrari fined for team orders in Germany?

20. Who received a penalty in Hungary for failing to stop for the weighbridge during qualifying?

21. Which team failed to score for the first time in 2010 in Hungary?

22. Why was FP2 red flagged in Spa?

23. Who became the first driver to need a 9th engine during the Belgium weekend?

24. Which driver was promoted to tenth after a post race penalty for Jaime Alguersuari?

25. Which team led the constructors championship after the Italian Grand Prix?

26. What career first did Fernando Alonso achieve in Singapore?

27. Where did Felipe Massa finish from 24th on the grid in Singapore?

28. How many drivers set lap times in FP3 in Japan?

29. Who crashed before the start of the race at 130R?

30. How many laps did the safety car do in the Korean Grand Prix before a 'green flag' lap?

31. Who took 10th on the last lap in Korea after a late pitstop?

32. Who was the only driver to not use slicks in Q3 in Brazil?

33. Who was penalised for ignoring blue flags during the race in Brazil?

34. Who finished 11th for the third race running in Sao Paulo?

Team Radio - Who said what: Q35-50

35. "Loss of power, Loss of power"

36. I was only weaving to lose the slipstream"

37. "Hamilton pit out, Hamilton pit out,thats him"

38. "Ok, half a second faster with a broken front wing"

39. "Ok, safety car in this lap, safety car in this lap, so you're racing for turn 19 and round to the finish"

40. "Put pressure on Petrov, he won't keep his foot too long"

41. "I can continue mate, i can continue"

42. "My engine cover is burning away, i can smell it"

43. "So what i can say, congratulations to the team"

44. "I lost the speed, i lost the speed"

45. "I xxxxed up the restart, i'm sorry"

46. "That was horrible"

47. "I hope he's ok, he had a pretty hardcore flight"

48. "You're free to fight but just be careful"

49. "It's a wet race, what do you expect"

50. "This is the worst conditions i ever drove in"

Answers next week

1 comment:

  1. 1. Kovalainen
    2. Webber's
    4. 11th
    5. de la Rosa
    6. Hulkenberg
    8. Webber, tied with Vettel but with more wins
    9. Trulli
    10. 4
    11. Petrov
    12. Kobayashi
    13. Petrov
    15. Buemi
    17. Yamamoto
    19. 100,000
    21. Mercedes
    22. Glock's crash?
    23. de la Rosa
    24. Liuzzi
    25. Red Bull
    26. Grand slam
    27. 8th
    28. 2
    29. di Grassi
    30. around 25
    31. Hulkenberg
    32. Petrov
    33. Kovalainen
    34. Alguersuari
    35. Vettel, Bahrain
    36. Hamilton, Malaysia
    38. Smedley to Massa, Spain
    39. Schumacher's engineer to Schumacher in Monaco
    40. Stella to Alonso in Turkey
    43. Massa, Hockenheim
    47. Kovalainen, Valencia
    49. Hamilton, Korea
    50. Alonso, Korea (I ever drove (a car) in)