Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Give Abu Dhabi a chance

Yas island. It has the glamour, the spectacular sights, the buzz of the floodlights but in 2 years it hasn't produced an exciting race, even if it did see the crowning of a champion on Sunday. A lot of criticism has been aimed at the track layout with people upset that the season finale didn't see much overtaking.

I'd like to say that this track can be a success. I agree that we haven't seen much thrilling action but there has been some. Mark Webber and Jenson Button had a great fight in the closing stages of the 2009 race and we seen Robert Kubica pull off 2 superb overtakes on Adrian Sutil and Kamui Kobayashi on Sunday. A slow hairpin onto a long straight should in theory help. However a tighter corner to cause a bigger braking zone at the end of the straight would help. What is important here is Richard Cregan. He is one of the main people in charge of the circuit and used to be team manager at Toyota. He indicated on the BBC over the weekend that he was prepared to listen to suggestions and implement changes. This facility has cost billions and the organisers clearly will make efforts to improve things.

So we might not have had a classic race in Abu Dhabi yet but the track is not as bad as is made out and the potential is there for the future. We have many changes in 2011 which will likely help overtaking but its important that tracks really look at the layout of their circuits and try to make at least 1 spot as a overtaking possibility. It has never been easy in F1 but it can me made a possibility and to be fair, the teams and the FIA are trying to find ways to improve things. Hope is there for the future of Formula 1.

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