Friday, 30 April 2010

Silverstone set for even more speed

The new layout for the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit was unveiled yesterday with predictions that the track will now be the fastest on the F1 calendar. The track is now half a mile longer and will be approximately lead to an extension of 8-10 seconds on laptime. The new layout takes affect after Club corner, going right back toward the Becketts and Maggots section before a low speed right and left which seems likely to represent the best opportunity for overtaking. Another left hander preceds a long back staright which will take the cars back onto the older version of the track at Luffield.

Whilst these changes will probably not have a big effect on the amount of overtaking at the track, it certainly seems to promise some thrilling action for spectators with most of the corners being high speed. Also planned for 2011 is to move the start/finish straight to the straight after Club corner. All of these changes were done by a company called Populous. This is a break in track changes against the monopoly held by Herman Tilke who has had mixed reviews over the circuits he has designed over the past 10 years, including Istanbul, Shanghai and Yas Marina.

Hopefully this new investment for Silverstone will help give it stronger security for many years and F1 fans in the UK can look forward to a British Grand Prix for many years to come. The track certainly looks to have the potential to keep its reputation as one of the most challenging and exciting race circuits in the world and it'll be interesting come the race on July 11th. To give you some idea of what the new track outlay will be like from the drivers perspective, here's a video courtesy of James Allen with ex-driver and BBC commentator Martin Brundle driving and discussing a lap of the new circuit


  1. Having been to the FIA GT meet last week I'm undecided on the new layout. Theirs a huge bump right on the turn in at Abbey which was causing the F3's some problems but its otherwise quite un-exciting. The stadium grandstand at village corner offers great views for spectators but village corner didn't see a whole lot of overtaking. I guess the fear would be that following another F1 car closely will be difficult through Abbey if mechanical/aero grip negates the need to hit the brakes too much. If so remaining close enough to get a pass done between Island curve and Village could be nigh on impossible.

    Brooklands provides a better chance now. Despite the slight left kink onto the existing club straight it should be a flat-out blast from the stadium exit. Whoever can transfer their grip/power the best in the low gears will have opportunities all day long at the end of the straight.

    Despite the obvious slight loss of character (to be erroded futher by the startline/ pit move) Its a definate improvement for spectators. As for making for better racing, its too early to tell.

  2. Interesting perspective mate, cheers