Thursday, 14 June 2012

F1 on the Web

Vettel in the States, why F1 is a much better sport nowadays and reaction from Montreal features in this weeks F1 on the Web...

Keith Collantine on why F1 has become a much better sport over the past 10 years -

Ten ways F1 has improved in ten years

Sebastian Vettel's TV appearance in the USA. Talks DRS, New Jersey and Canadian customs -


Kayleigh blogs about sitting through the rain in Montreal last year to witness the longest race in Formula 1 history -

The 2011 Canadian Grand Prix

Ted Kravitz explains why Red Bull had to make changes to their wheels during the Canadian Grand Prix weekend -

Mark Hughes on Jenson Button's recent problems and why McLaren had to make a modification to their car in China -

Just why has Button become undone

Kimi Raikkonen tells it like it is after the race on Sunday

Peter Sauber on why his team needed that podium from Perez after wasting their potential in the previous two races -

Peter Sauber on 2012


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